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We strive daily to ensure that our Client’s intellectual properties are protected. We advise our clients on all aspects of copyrights, designs, patent and trademark services including but not limited to drafting and executing non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, conducting searches and filing applications at the Patent, Trademarks and Designs Registry, Abuja.

We also monitor the register and journals of the Patents, Trademarks and Designs Registry to ensure that the interests of our clients are not jeopardized. To this end, we prepare Cease & Desist letters and issue to infringers of intellectual property rights on behalf of our clients.
In appropriate cases, we advise on the possibility of Mutual Co-existence Agreements for our clients and we undertake licensing, transfer, assignment and recordation of IP rights.
At Barry Winston & Co, we can advise on matters bordering on passing off, protection of trade secrets, image rights, and allied matters.